Installing AWS CLI and Terraform



Install this Software and then copy the “bin” Location of this installed Software, In my case it is :

Default Location of AWS CLI

Now, add a Environmental Variable for this copied Location in Path, by following the below Steps:

Searching env in start menu

Click on Environment Variables :

Click on Path, Then Click Edit :

Click on new and then Paste the location here.
To verify if AWS CLI is installed properly or not, we can use the Command “aws — version”,

Aws CLI verification command

→ Terraform

Terraform CLI Image

Link for terraform Downloads:

Select according to your needs.


Download the Terraform CLI from the official site by navigating to the Downloads Section and then by selecting your Operating System.

Terraform CLI Zip file

Copy the Setup to your dsesired location.

Similarly, we will add terraform’s folder location in the path environmental variable:

Terraform’s location
Add terraform path to env
Terraform version




I am a student and persuing under graduation in computer science and engineering.

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Akhilesh Jain

Akhilesh Jain

I am a student and persuing under graduation in computer science and engineering.

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