Creating a IAM Role on AWS

In this blog, we will be creating a IAM Role, through which we can deploy/create resources on AWS using AWS CLI or any Automation Tool like Terraform, Ansible and many more.

So, For this we just need an AWS Account, and login with your account.

Then goto Services and then you will be observing Iam subservice in Security, Identity and Compliance.

Then create a new Iam user in this and give this user Administrator Access.

Then click on Users in Iam Resources and create a new user and give any name to this user and in access type -give programatic access to use this user in Cli, Sdk and on may more platforms.

Create User by clicking on Add User

  • Give administrator access to this user
  • Create the user and copy this access key and security access key as it will be shown only once.

As we can see that, our IAM User is created, and hence we can login into our CLI.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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